Meet Augusta Massey

A Little Something About Me

I am a work horse, an adrenaline junkie (skydiving, hell yea!),
and a mother to two amazing children.

I am also an immigrant, wife, and girlfriend
to some fabulous people across the globe.

I love what I do and I take it seriously.

I love pearls, fashion and Coco Chanel.

I swoon over Audrey Hepburn
and I am the quintessential traveler.

I live big, laugh loud, and love hard. I am, me ;)

But Life Hasn't Always Been Fun

I Thought The world made no sense!

I grew up in a home full of love and lots of discipline.

My father was assassinated in a political conflict
causing my family to immigrate to the United States.

6 months later, my 12 year old brother was killed by a drunk driver

But those personal tragedies taught me to take life by the horns and run with it.

It also taught me to go after my dreams and create the life I wanted.

My Mission with myLegalBestFriend

Most women starting out online today have so much to deal with that they often forget to protect the business they've worked so hard to establish. I am proud to serve women by protecting their businesses online.

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Graduated from Engineering School with two degrees (I am an overachiever) and law degree.


I love travelling the world, exploring and experiencing great adventures.


With hundreds of satisfied and happy clients, I can say without bragging that I'm pretty good at my job.

years of experience

Moved to fabulous Las Vegas with my husband and created my own law firm Massey & Associates Law Firm.

My Entrepreneurial Discovery

But I did not want to work for someone else all my life (the entrepreneur’s nightmare) and I wanted to serve more clients on a massive scale.

  • 2008Starting a Corporate Career

    Upon graduation, I moved to fabulous Las Vegas with my husband and started working for a big law firm downtown. The perks, my colleagues, the people, the city…I was in love!
  • 2012Moving Forward from Corporate Career

    I didn’t want to leave my cushy job that paid me so well and afforded me a luxurious lifestyle. So when a friend recommended I see a coach, I wasn't too sure but it turned out to be one of the best things in my entrepreneurial journey.
  • 2012A Fresh Start

    She was a transition coach, Patrina Wisdom, a Fresh Start Specialist, and I definitely needed her. She held me accountable and assisted me in creating the life I wanted by acknowledging my deepest desires.
  • 2015Standing on Shoulder of Giants

    I reached out to another coach, Britny West, and I got my mindset straightened out. From our sessions, I was able to see the need for legal services in the coaching industry. I could bring the same passion and good legal sense to women online and help them protect their businesses as I do in my everyday practice.

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