These 11 Legal Contract Templates Are Must-Haves for Your Online Coaching Business



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    Are you an health coach, business coach, fitness or mindset coach? Access these 11 powerful legal contracts templates for protecting your online coaching business. Use the critical element of Client Agreement to avoid disputes, and foster excellent client relationships.


Helpful tips for health coaches, business coaches, life, fitness or mindset coaches.

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Do You Know a Single Mistake Can Shut Down Your Business?


Sometimes, no matter how much time I spend with my kids, I just have this feeling that it’s not enough. I believe this is called “mom’s guilt” and I guess it’s part of being a mother and an entrepreneur.

But when I look at all I have been able to accomplish over the years, and knowing that having a career makes me a better mom, I believe that it has been time well spent.

However, do you know a mistake in my legal contracts could kill all the joy and fulfillment I feel right now?

Crumbling over my head everything I have tirelessly built over the years. In my many years practicing law, I have come to experience first hand how a single legal mistake can cause a business to shut down.

I believe my business, just like your coaching program, is valuable. Therefore, just like moms it is smart to want to protect things that are dear to us.

Understand that your legal contract is essential for making your coaching program safer. That is why it should be your top priority to ensure that your business legal contract templates promote.

  1. Confidentiality across all your coaching programs
  2. Trust between you and your clients
  3. Effectively captures your programs expectations
  4. Ensures you are paid when due

Remember, agreements are only as effective as our ability to use them. Having the right legal contract templates is what makes me sleep at night knowing my business is covered.Click here to download infographics about the 11 must-have legal contracts for your business.